HydroCo offer a wide range of consultancy services to the Water Industry. Our highly experienced engineers are experts in Hydraulic Modelling, providing technical support to water companies all over the UK and beyond.

Company Profile

The company was formed in September 2001 in order to offer sustainable, cost effective and innovative technical solutions in the field of Water Systems Engineering.

Company Focus

Our core business is Clean Water Network Modelling.  We build models for many of the UK water supply companies, as well as offering complementary modelling services.

What is Network Modelling?

A network model is a mathematical and geographical computer model, which represents an area of a water pipe network.  The model is able to simulate the hydraulic performance of a system, providing flow, pressure and other hydraulic data for any point within the model.  The models are used by engineers to understand the performance of existing pipework and estimate the impact of changes made to the network by the water company.

A typical model comprises of the pipework connecting water treatment works,  storage reservoirs, pumping stations, through to the customer connections on each street.  Water companies employ models to help manage their networks on a day to day basis, but also assist in managing growth, resilience, resources, leakage and much more besides.

HydroCo’s Certifications

Our business practices are regularly audited by external auditors, ensuring our company is delivering services within a recognised framework.

Affiliated Organisations

As a market leader in our specialist field, we are actively involved with the following industry bodies.