Paperless Field Testing – Cloud Database Systems

Use of a portable hand held devices with GPS and internet connection to pin point the field test location:Screenshot_20181012-125315_Maps

All alternative field test locations are highlighted in zonal colours to prevent installations in neighbouring zone.

Alternatives are also given individual references that feed into the system to ensure their location is documented.

A link from the map automatically takes the user to a data input form:Screenshot_20181012-125651_Chrome

This system overcomes typical issues common in a paper based approach e.g. illegible handwriting or site information duplication errors.  Logger serial numbers and field test location references are supplied from the database in a drop down list which decrease as the project progresses.

Automatic time stamp features ensure the correct installation / retrieval information is entered.

The data is collected live into one secure cloud based database allowing multiple uses to work collaboratively and monitoring of real time progress: