Supply Interruptions Reporting

As the current Asset Management Plan period (AMP6) draws to a close, water companies are already looking ahead to the next AMP period.  The regulator (Ofwat) has proposed a raft of improved levels of service measures, which are targeted to achieve their vision of “customers and wider society having trust and confidence in vital public water and wastewater services”.

Measuring the number minutes a customer’s supply is interrupted will form a key performance measure for Ofwat during AMP7.  Reducing both planned and non-planned supply interruption times should build greater trust and confidence with customers.

HydroCo have developed a number of tools to support water companies in the pursuit of reducing supply interruption minutes, as well as measuring & reporting of supply interruptions with greater accurately.  Ranging from the selection of pressure logging locations for early alarm systems and post event reporting, through to modelling tools assessing effects of drain-down and recharge on customer counts.