Supply Route Analysis

HydroCo was asked to identify and report on the percentage of water from the various sources in a large complex water supply and distribution system. The results were required at every DMA meter along with an overview of the typical routes water would take to reach that meter (e.g. Source via specific Trunk Main / Asset to Meter).

This would help the client in understanding the risk associated with the potential failure of individual / multiple water sources and / or Trunk Mains or Assets.

The InfoWorks WS Pro software package was used for the analysis. A Water Quality model run of 45 days was found to be required to allow the model to trace the water from each source node through the entire model (trace water to fully saturate the model).  The model was setup dynamically so that a model run of such a length could be performed without problems (over/under filling of reservoirs etc.).

Each of the sources was set up as a “Trace” node in the model run settings.

A collaborative effort between HydroCo’s Principal Engineers and Hydraulic Modellers saw the creation of various SQLs that would easily pull the relevant source percentage information from all specified model locations on mass, in a useable format.

The potential routes of water were then assessed, which was predominantly a manual process using the Infoworks upstream trace functions, though some time saving processes were developed to easily identify which trunk mains or assets were along the route.

This data was then cleansed and structured into a report that was clear and easy for the client to interpret.