Company & Vision

HydroCo Limited is based in Hampshire was set up in 2001 to provide water companies with clean water network modelling support. The three founders, who were already experts in this field, have since built up a dedicated and highly experienced team of qualified professionals, based in the UK, to provide excellent support to water companies. The company has built, field tested and calibrated many network models to the exacting standards required to help water companies plan and improve the design and operation of their distribution networks.

As network analysis specialists we have built up a wealth of experience gained from working with many different clients, using all of the leading modelling software packages, over many years. Our extensive experience and expertise enables us to exploit current technology so that a cost effective and best practice solution can be delivered. We have quality systems in place for ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 and are externally audited.

Our staff consists of Water Engineers with a proven track record within the industry and with extensive design, planning, implementation and IT experience. This expertise is used to provide complementary services that help integrate the activities of Network Managers and bring about operational and financial savings to the water distribution network management function.

We specialise in a few key areas of the water network management function, ensuring our clients will receive genuine expertise from experienced staff who have undertaken many such projects before.