HydroCo Modern Slavery Act and Human Trafficking Policy

HydroCo and all its staff from the top down strongly believe in human rights and no one within our Company condones the use of slave labour or human trafficking in any form.

  • We believe that the best service can only be provided by having a motivated, well trained work force with everyone free to develop and pursue their ambitions.
  • Our recruitment and management processes are designed to ensure that all prospective employees are legally entitled to work in the UK and to safeguard employees from any abuse or coercion.
  • We will do our best to train, nurture and support all our employees who are treated fairly and equally.
  • Salary payments are made directly to employees and will not be delayed, deferred or withheld.
  • We have zero tolerance of any threat of physical or sexual violence, harassment or intimidation against employees, their family or close associates.
  • Our employees have the freedom to terminate their employment at any time without penalty after giving reasonable notice as per their contract.
  • Clear and transparent information is provided to employees about the hours worked, rates of pay and any legal deductions.
  • Our employees are not forced to work in excess of the number of hours permitted in law or under their contracts.
  • Normal working hours for our staff are well below the legal limit, at 37.5 hours per week, with at least 20 days holiday per year.

We also recognise the need to be vigilant and committed to driving out potential acts of modern day slavery from our supply chain. As a small specialist service company we buy very little but:

  • We do not knowingly support or deal with any business involved in slavery or human trafficking or any illegal activity.
  • We may carry out checks on any company we buy from to see if they have a published anti-slavery and human trafficking policy in place.

This statement was approved by the Board of Directors.

David Acres (Managing Director) 14 January 2022