Personnel and Equal Opportunity

It is the aims of HydroCo to provide equal opportunities to all personnel.

HydroCo is committed to the following:

  • No job applicant or employee will receive less favourable treatment than another.
  • No job applicant or employee will be placed at a disadvantage by requirements or
    conditions which have disproportionately adverse effects on him or her which cannot
    be shown to be necessary to the satisfactory conduct of the job.
  • All reasonable adjustments to practices and premises will be made to accommodate
  • Entry into the Company, and progression within it, will be determined on the basis of
    ability and performance after appropriate and reasonable adjustments have been
  • The policy will be monitored, its effectiveness reviewed and, where necessary,
    remedial action taken.
  • The overall responsibility for ensuring successful implementation of this policy will
    reside with the Managing Director.
  • Any deliberate failures to observe these requirements will invoke investigation and, if
    appropriate, disciplinary action.

Dave Acres – Managing Director